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Eskawata Kayawai: The Spirit of Transformation

An interview with film director Lara Jacoski about how the Amazon transforms the spirit In the north of Brazil, in the state of Acre, lives one of the country's indigenous tribes - the Huni Kuin. This tribe is increasingly popular in the Western world, for its songs, its culture of so-called "alegria!" everyday joy, and its connection and work with [...]

Vale do Amanhecer

Vale do Amanhecer = Valley of Dawn

Or what the chief of the Tupinambá tribe has in common with Francis of Assisi, why it is good to know the spiritual cause of your illnesses and how the media works in Brazil.

INDIGENOUS SPRING: a lasting mobilization for life and democracy

In memory of our ancestors who gave their lives so that we could exist. In memory of the "magical spirits" who brought us here to continue their struggle to save our bodies, our land and territory, our identity and our diverse culture, we make known to Brazilian and international societies that we will remain permanently mobilized in defense of LIFE and DEMOCRACY . Our struggle is not only about preserving [...]

What is Rapé? Ninawa "Pai da Mata"

Here's the second video that Ninawa and I shot in Brazil. This time we asked Ninova for a few words on the topic of medicine itself and especially on Rapé.

Ninawa "Pai da Mata" about the Huni Kuin tribe

We bring you a video with Ninova "Pai da Mata" (father of the forest), real name Francisco de Assis Mateus de Lima. Ninawa is the great shaman of the Huni Kuin people and the spiritual leader in the village of Novo Futuro on the Humanitá River in Acre, Brazil.