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Wisdom of the Amazon

As part of the festival of South American culture Merkado 2022, there was a discussion on the Wisdom of Amazonia, moderated by Eva, which also featured Lucie.

We are therefore sharing a recording of this discussion between experts and coordinators of projects dealing with the topic of the forest.

"The traditional tribes of South America are one of the most visited areas, not only for the natural riches that abound, but also for the wisdom that some of the local tribes have passed on from generation to generation and thus preserved to this day. This includes the teachings associated with the use of plant medicines such as tobacco, ayahuasca and the Peyotl or San Pedro cactus. In the discussion on the Wisdom of the Amazon, we have invited representatives of projects seeking to support Indian tribes and their territories, as well as scientists working on the scientific use of psychoactive substances and plants."
- abstract of the discussion from the Czech Psychedelic Society

Among other things, the discussion provides a glimpse of the intersections and differences in their perspectives and approaches to Native American wisdom, the work and use of psychedelic plants, and the implementation of these phenomena in our Western culture.

Lucie Havlínová (Sarava foundation), /
Petra Hlaváčková (,
Alex Cilvikovskij, PhD (CZEPS),
Laura Victoria Delgado (Colombian artist, CZEPS)
ZdeněkOrdelt (Slovanský kruh)

Moderated by:
Eva César ( CZEPS, Sarava foundation)

In case you will listen to the discussion, we will be grateful if you will appreciate this activity of CZEPS.
An adequate contribution would be 111 CZK:

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