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espírito amazônico
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What is Rapé?

Rapé is one of the most sacred medicine of the Amazonian indigenous people. Rapé is the way through which we can radiate our physical body, our soul and lift our energy.

Rapé is an indigenous forest medicine that leads us to connect with ourselves, with our original essence, with the Great Spirit, with the power of the primeval forest in which we see the ancientity of our Mother Earth, with the power of the Jaguar and all plant teachers.

Rapé is a fine powder, created by the Amazonian indigenous people, made from Maestro Plantas and Mapacho (Maestro Tabaco).

Rapé is a sacred instrument born from Mother Earth, which we received from our elder brothers.

We have tried many types of this sacred medicine in different parts of South America. Our journey to find the best Rapé ended where it has originally begun – in Brazil.

We pick and buy Rapé with great care only from our close friends.

We believe that you perceive sacredness of this medicine in the same way as we do.  We would therefore like to share this strong and high quality ‘Amazon medicine’, which comes from indigenous tribes living in Acre, Brazil, among people like you.

Inca Aromas Incese from Brazil!

We love Brazil and we always want to share with you what has captured and excited us. This is exactly the case with Inca Aromas Incense Sticks. They are handmade from 100% natural ingredients in Brazil. They can burn for up to 1.5 hours and their smoke is so rich that it is enough to light a candy bar for just a moment …

Inca Aromas

Aqua de Florida!

We also decided to include Aqua de Florida for sale because we love it and we can’t do without it! We use it in ceremonial work but also in everyday life …

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Huni Kuin Uricuri - Limited offer!

Uricuri is an exceptionally strong Rapé. This Rapé is made by a family living deep in the heart of the Amazon, which makes Rapé just for its own use. We have managed to bring in a limited amount of this unique medicine that we would like to share with you.

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Our 3 most favourites Rapé in special set!

We have prepared a set of three Rapé blends that we bring fresh from our friends in Brazil. As with all rainforest medicine, it is important to treat it respectfully. Therefore you will get a handmade protective pouch together with this set.

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Actual news about Rapé and everything around it from our blog

Zpráva od Mamos, svatých mužů kmene Kogi

Don’t Say They Didn’t Tell Us

Here is a message from Mamos (Holy Men, “shamans” of the people of Kogi). This report was written for a meeting and prayer for Mother Earth, which took place yesterday, 28.3. 2020

1=1 Aneb recyklujeme skleněné lahvičky od Rapé

1=1 We recycle Rapé glass bottles

We decided to be more considerate to nature, we only switch to glass bottles that you can send us back. For each bottle you get 1% discount on your next purchase.


Rapé in beautiful blue glass bottles

We decided to bring you Rapé medicine in new blue glass bottles to be more ecological!

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espírito amazônico

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