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espirito amazônico

Handmade products from indigenous tribes and families



We sell handmade products from our native Indigenous friends and tribes and family businesses in Brazil to support them and spread the traditional values of indigenous cultures.


Rapé from Brazilian tribes


Tepi and Kuripe applicators


Smudging of space and calling the spirits

Hand Made

Handmade bracelets and earrings from indigenous tribes

Sangre de Drago!

Dragon’s blood, or as the Sangre de Drago Indians and botanists would say sap from the Croton lechleri tree, is a “universal remedy” for the Amazon Indians. The drops help with skin injuries, stomach ulcers, leg ulcers, throat infections, infections in women in the intimate parts. They also help as a means of detoxifying the body and even have antineoplastic effects (against tumors). Simply put, they work and help against a number of infectious and inflammatory diseases, support the immune system and help with skin injuries.

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Aqua de Florida!

We decided to put Aqua de Florida on sale as well, because we love it and we can’t do without it! We use it in ceremonial work but also in everyday life …

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Inca Aromas Incese from Brazil!

We love Brazil and we always want to share with you what appealed and excited us. This is exactly the case with Inca Aromas Incense Sticks. Each stick is made in the hands of the Brazilians and is made from 100% natural raw materials, most often from natural products from the Primeval Forest, which are shared by families living in the Amazon. The sticks last up to 1.5 hours to burn and their smoke is so rich that you only need to light the stick for a while…

Inca Aromas

Our 3 most favourites Rapé in special set!

We have prepared for you a set of three types of Rapé, which we will bring fresh from Brazil from our friends. It is important to treat all forest medicine with respect, which is why you will also receive our hand-sewn protective bag with this set.

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Actual news about Rapé and everything around it from our blog


The White Sage – Queen of Purity

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is one of the most sacred Native American medicinal and ritual herbs for strengthening prayers, purification and the calling of the spirits of sacred plants. White Sage is suitable for ceremonial, protective, cleansing purposes and strengthening the purifying smoke and it effectively cleanses and disinfects the atmosphere, spaces, people, objects, aura, chakras and emotions from negative energies.

Zpráva od Mamos, svatých mužů kmene Kogi

Don’t Say They Didn’t Tell Us

Here is a message from Mamos (Holy Men, “shamans” of the people of Kogi). This report was written for a meeting and prayer for Mother Earth, which took place yesterday, 28.3. 2020

1=1 Aneb recyklujeme skleněné lahvičky od Rapé

1=1 We recycle Rapé glass bottles

We decided to be more considerate to nature, we only switch to glass bottles that you can send us back. For each bottle you get 1% discount on your next purchase.

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espírito amazônico


We are very happy to be able to offer our Rapé medicine in the stone shops of our friends. If you have a way around one of them, be sure to stop by.


You can step-in to the STEP IN near crossroad Italské a Vinohradské str.  in Prague 2 – Italská 1223/20.


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We have expanded the methods of transport, we offer transport using the Zásilkovna, Czech Post, DPD, for express shipments across Europe we offer DHL Express (until the next day). Proven personal collection in the Ananta restaurant.

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You can pick up the shipment at the Z-point of the Zásilkovna in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Csomagküldő Z-Point in Hungary, Romania and Przesyłkownia Z-Point in Poland. We deliver to most of the European Union countries and USA. We are constantly expanding this list. Check out the delivery options on checkout page.

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