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Handmade products from indigenous tribes and families



We sell handmade products from our native Indigenous friends and tribes and family businesses in Brazil to support them and spread the traditional values of indigenous cultures.



Rapé from Brazilian Indians


Tepi and Kuripe from Indians from Brazil and from Czech manufacturers


Purification of Space and Calling of Spirits


Handmade bracelets and earrings from indigenous tribes

What is Rapé?

Rapé is one of the holiest medicines of the Amazonian Indians. Rapé is the way through which we can shine through our physical body, our soul, and lift our energy.

Rapé is Indian, forest medicine that leads us to connect with ourselves, with our original essence, with the Great Spirit, with the power of the forest, in which we see the primordiality of our Mother Earth, with the power of the jaguar and with all the plant teachers.

Rapé is a fine powder created by the Indians in the forest from Maestro Plantas (healing master plants and trees) and Mapacha (Maestro Tabacco).

Rapé is a sacred instrument born of Mother Earth, which is given to us by our elder brothers.

We have tried many varieties of this sacred medicine in different places in South America. Our journey to the best Rapé it ended where it started – in Brazil.

Rapé with great care we choose and buy only from our close friends.

We believe that you also perceive the sacredness of this medicine in the same way, and therefore we dare to Rapé share here so that all people of the same awareness receive a really strong and high-quality "Amazon medicine" that comes from the Acre region from Brazilian tribes.

Ralph Metzner - Toad and Jaguar

Field report on unofficial research of visionary medicine Bufo alvarius and 5-MEO-DMT with introduction by Stanislav Grof, Charles Grop and afterword by Stanislav Grof and Michael Vančura.

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Sangre de Drago!

Dragon's blood, according to the Indians Sangre de Drago, according to botanists, the sap from the Croton lechleri tree, is the "universal remedy" of the Amazonian Indians. Her drops help with skin injuries, stomach ulcers, leg ulcers, throat infections, infections of female intimate parts. Dragon's blood   helps as a means of detoxifying the body and even has antineoplastic effects (against tumors). Simply put, it acts and helps against a number of infectious and inflammatory diseases, supports the immune system and is also used for skin injuries.

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Aqua de Florida!

We decided to include Aqua de Florida on sale because we love it and we can't do without it! We use it in ceremonial work, but also in everyday life.

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Smudging Inca Aromas from Brazil!

We love Brazil and we always want to share with you what appealed and excited us. This is exactly how it is with Inca Aromas incense sticks. Each bar is made in the hands of Brazilians and is made of 100% natural ingredients, most often from natural products from the rainforest, which are being used by families living in the Amazon. The sticks last up to 1.5 hours and their smoke is so rich that you only need to light the stick for a while.

Inca Aromas

Our top 3 favourites Rapé in a special set!

We have prepared for you a set of three types Rapéwhich we bring fresh from our friends from Brazil. It is important to treat all forest medicines with respect, so with this set you will also get our hand-sewn protective pouch.

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Current articles about rapé and everything around from our blog


Amazonia: the tipping point

"You know we're going to lose Amazonia? That the forest just can't take it anymore?", I replicate the message of the previous day from Štěpán Bak from the Sarava project to my friend Erik Liepmann from the project. "Yes. I accepted this a long time ago. And anyway we will do everything we can to delay it as much as possible," he replies with icy calm but heartfelt clarity....
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Climate Conference: The Paradox of the First Victims

Human activity has already disrupted nearly 75 percent of the Earth's surface and put about one million animal and plant species on the endangered list. Representatives of traditional cultures fear that the climate conference in Glasgow has brought no change to the "war with nature" and has only confirmed the existing discrepancy between the proclamations of world leaders and the bare reality. At the turn of October and November...


INDIGENOUS SPRING: a lasting mobilization for life and democracy

In memory of our ancestors who gave us lives so that we could exist. In memory of the "magical spirits" who brought us here to continue their struggle to save our bodies, land and territory, our identity and diverse culture, we make it known to Brazilian and international societies that we will remain permanently mobilized to defend LIFE and DEMOCRACY. Our fight...

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