Kuripe Brazil Pastel

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Small Kuripe Sarava imported from Brazil. Simple small blower for medical application Rapé Yourself. We send the blower including the bag that Lucie handmade for you, because we believe that medicine and medicinal tools deserve good care and protection.

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Kuripe blower is made in Brazil.
We import these tools from such a distance because we want to support the Brazilian people to benefit financially through creation and sharing with the world of medicine. rapé.
The blowers are made of bamboo wood and variously decorated.
Lucie, takes the trouble to hand-sew a bag of organic cotton for each blower.
We believe that we should take good and respectful care of every medical instrument, which is why your blowers are packed in these bags.

We decided to sell the blowers for the purchase price and also pack a medicine bag for free, because we want to send good ones among you medicinal tools and thus improve culture Rapé medicine in our country.

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Povo brasileiro

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1 cm