Sage White 7 Chakras - smudging bundle

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A bundle of sage with 7 chakra flower petals brings harmonization, chakra connection and peace. Sage carries the power of purification and spirituality.

Light this bundle to enhance balance and energy flowing through the chakra system. Welcome this energy into your bedrooms , or spaces where you gather with loved ones to promote openness and a sense of belonging and love.

Country of origin: Mexico
11 - 13 cm
Weight: 30 - 36 g

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White Sage(Salvia apiana) is one of the most sacred Native American medicinal and ritual herbs for sending prayers, cleansing and calling the spirits of sacred plants. Sage is useful for ceremonial, protective, cleansing and strengthening smudging.

Indian philosophy teaches that man is made up not only of the physical body, but also of seven energy centres, the chakras, which run right through the centre of the body from the root to the crown of the head. The chakra system is used extensively, especially in Indian Ayurveda, but is also linked to ancient traditions of other Eastern cultures.

This smudging bundle is hand-picked in the wilds of Mexico

Country of origin: Mexico
Size: 11 - 13 cm
Weight: 30 - 36 g

Sarava Smudging - Sage of the 7 Chakras

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Weight 38 g
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 5 cm


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