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Parrot feather earrings from the Shipibo tribe in Peru. We brought these beautiful earrings from Peru, where they were made in the Amazon rainforest by the indigenous women of the Shipibo tribe. The women of the indigenous tribes collect feathers from parrots that naturally fall out, so no parrots were threatened or suffered because of these earrings.

Length of earrings including hook: 11 cm

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Earrings made of parrot feathers of Shipibo tribe. The women of these tribes collected feathers and created earrings that are symbolic of the Amazonian tribes. At all ceremonies and big events, the women are painted with various symbols on their faces, decorated with feathers, beads, earrings, headbands made of feathers and other ornaments. In this way they make the power of the forest and visions present, and walk constantly in their vibration. Let the power of the forest influence you and adorn yourself, whether for ceremonies, running in the forest or just for fun. Shipibo women really like to decorate. It makes them a strong point of light for both the outside world and the spirit world.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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