Rita Huni Kuin Ceremonial bracelet Jiboia Colorida

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The ceremonial bracelet was made for us by Rita Huni Kuin. This design represents the jiboia - the sacred divine grape. The snake is very sacred to the Huni Kuin people because their main creator deity is a cosmic snake called Yuxibu.

The bracelet is not elastic, it has no clasp and can be put on the hand with soap and water.

Bracelet size: Length: 4 cm / Radius: 7 cm

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These beautiful bracelets and earrings were made for us by Rita from the Huni Kuin tribe, a young voice representing the indigenous culture of Brazil's native peoples. Rita comes from the village of Chico Curumim (Jordão River area) and lives in the city of Jordão. She is the daughter of Ibã Sales Huni Kuin.

Rita acts as the voice of the women of Huni Kuin while connecting worlds. She is an artist, paints pictures and often lectures.
She speaks mainly about cultural appropriation, the proper treatment of indigenous culture from their perspective and also about women's equality.

Watch the recording of the lecture that Rita and I gave at Sarava.foundation.

Watch the video on how to put on such a bracelet using soap and water.

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