Tepi of Bezu

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This Tepi from Czech forests is made of Elder wood, which naturally died and dried up.
Tepi from elderberry is made only manually, once its creator is enough only with small handmade nebozezy, knives, saw and sandpaper and especially with his hands. Finally, Tepi is treated with camellia oil from tea plants, as it is a tea lover. Sometimes the finish is also supplemented with a basal dye varnish when the wood requires it.
The production of Tepija  is accompanied by conscious work, when the author tries as much as possible to follow the lines of wood and its natural painting and coloring.

We send each kuripé in a bag handmade for you by Lucie, because the sacred tools associated with Rapé Medicine should be in a protective shell.

HAUX HAUX Czech forests.

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This tepi originated under the hands of Radek, who lives near the forests and during long walks finds naturally dead and dried elderberry wood, rosehip wood, schooners or hawthorn. All parts of the production process that Radek undergoes together with the wood species are manual and non-machine – only small hand orzezy, knife, saw and sandpaper.
The final treatment is pure quality oils – camellia oil from tea tree plants, as Radek is a great teamaker, and safflower-thistle oil of domestic production. It beautifully darkens even light elderberry wood and allows to stand out natural drawing and character of wood. Sometimes the wood is also treated with a colorless varnish of high quality and health safety.

A few words of the Creator:
The visuality of the final product is largely determined by what each piece of wood allows me to do. I only follow the lines of the wood, establishing the shape that is needed for the application and functionality of the tepi and kuripe, but the basic shape of the wood is preserved. Whether it is various branching or natural drawings caused by the action of various organisms – fungi. Thanks to this, each creation is different and is the result of the originality of the environment, where like a seed it fell into the soil, germinated, took root, grew, lived its dream, perished and then called me... and continues to live his dream. His journey continues. The outer or inner diameters of the resulting pieces therefore differ, each individual grew as the environment allowed, and I cannot change that. I work with what is given to me and see where it can be reduced and where it is not. Everything in itself dreams its dream, and we only perceive its power and arrange for that dream to come to fruition. For this we have excellent tools – skillful human hands.



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