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The White Sage – Queen of Purity

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is one of the most sacred Native American medicinal and ritual herbs for strengthening prayers, purification and the calling of the spirits of sacred plants. White Sage is suitable for ceremonial, protective, cleansing purposes and strengthening the purifying smoke and it effectively cleanses and disinfects the atmosphere, spaces, people, objects, aura, chakras and emotions from negative energies. When White Sage ignites, you may feel that its smoke fills the space with bright light. It’s considered an ideal plant for cleaning the home in which you plan to move, for example, for removing the old and creating space for the new, in clean energy.

In addition, it has significant disinfecting and healing effects, and its name has its roots in the Latin word “salvia / salvare” which means “to save, to heal.”

This powerful and sacred herb is characterized by a very specific scent, which quickly and effectively permeates the entire space when burned. Sage endows man with wisdom, clarifies thinking and increases spiritual consciousness. That is why the wise sage and the herb “Sage” are the same word in English.

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a plant native to high desert ecosystems, growing mainly in California and the mountainous west. However in this current time, which is characterized by the tendencies of our society to search and find business in everything, most of the white sage available in our market comes from Asia or other countries where it is grown for profit. Often the plants do not even feel the direct touch of the sun.

We would like to make an appeal on the responsibility of everyone who decides to use White Sage to pay attention to the origin of the herb they work with. White Sage brings many gifts, but its power, like the power and value of any other herb or herbal medicine, is lost through unconscious manipulation, handling or use.

We admit that it has not been easy for us to find sources of White Sage in accordance with our beliefs and understanding of the need for conscious management of plants that have been considered sacred for centuries or even millennia.

As part of our research, we came across the designation of groups distributing herbs and plant products that practice the traditional Teepee path. The path of Teepee is basically a sign for the way of conscious life. These people guarantee that the cultivation, collection, and preparation of herbs into bundles is completely conscious and in the present moment.

To this day, White Sage is one of the holiest herbs for the traditional North American tribes. The Native Americans use the smoke from the burning sage mainly to purify energy in rituals – the so-called purification. According to certain tribes, smoke literally absorbs negative energy and turns it into pure – positive. It is also a strong stimulant for the human soul. Many healers say that cleansing smoke makes them more sensitive to healing and to higher vibrations. Native Americans perceive rising smoke and smoking in general as a very powerful tool and medicine. This is evidenced not only by the “pipe of peace” itself, but also by the cleansing smoke rituals that are common in the Amazon. A man sits on a stool, covered with a blanket, and under the stool there are herbs heated to smoke. Often these smoking jobs are done when someone is bewitched, sick, or their mind and heart are “attacked” by fear and negative energy.

However, White Sage is not only the most popular cleansing smoke of the North American Indians, but the burning of other types of Sage also occurs in cultures around the world. From the ancient Celtic druids, who considered Sage together with the plum twig to be sacred herbs and used them as incense and medicine, to the indigenous people of the Amazon, who still practice Sage burning. This herb is intertwined throughout history, where it was invoked and worshiped. Already in ancient Rome Sage was perceived as a sacred tool that cures most diseases, restores the health, and power of the Spirit. The Bible also mentions Solomon, who cleanses the temple by using Sage smoke. Sage was often dedicated to the highest deities, and only priests or shamans were allowed to touch it. Court doctors and King Louis XIV himself were convinced that broth and medicinal tinctures from Sage prolong life.

How to do it? 

Purification rituals with Sage smoke can be simple or complicated, it always depends only on you and your approach. However, it is important that the intention shall be clear. If Sage is burned due to the cleansing of the space or person (i.e. also oneself), it is necessary to have it arranged that  way in the mind, not only before ignition, but also when later inhaling the scent, either at home or elsewhere in the space.

Light the end of the sage bundle. If it ignites, let it burn for a few seconds and then blow it out quickly. The ends of the leaves should smolder slowly and release a thick smoke.  Hold the bundle with one hand and fan the smoke throughout the room with the other hand. Fan the smoke in the areas you want to focus on. The Sage will stop smoldering on its own if you don’t blow on it. You can also put Sage in a fireproof bowl or, for example, in a bowl with rice or sand.

Haux Haux to Purification!


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