Radek & Eliška - Sarava

Radek a Eliška

Radek and Eliška's workshop

"I walk through the forest, the silence rustles in the leaves, with gratitude I take only the donations ... and in the decay I turn into tools."

During my wanderings through nature, I am led to collect only those parts of the trees and shrubs that have naturally died and dried up. I always follow whatever piece of wood allows me, I follow the lines of wood that establish the shape of the final kuripé or Tepi. That is why each kuripé and Tepi is different and is the result of the originality of the environment, where as a seed it fell into the soil, germinated, took root, grew and lived its dream. It perished and then called me… and he still lives his dream. His journey continues. Then the color and painting speak through the wood, which Eliška lets her guide us and introduces us through it to various worlds in a richness of details.

Radek Schwarz & Eliška Malecová