MotherEarth gathering 2020

Our Mother Earth Delegation

Dear friends,
please share this post to reach as many people as possible from all corners of the world.

28.3 on Saturday of our time from 19:00 to approximately 21:00 there was a meeting of elders from all over the world with the intention of fulfilling the prayer of Mother Earth.

Originally, it was supposed to be a closed meeting in physical form, but in the end it was an online meeting through a screen, so that everyone who felt called could be present at the message. 🙂 Lucia spent a lot of time with about 20 other organizers from all over the world preparing to summon elders from all over the world and accompany them with due respect. This prayer was called by Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, Ph.D.), a spiritual teacher from southern Dakota with the blood of North American Indians, who had also convened 13 native grandmothers in the past. Originally, it was supposed to be a meeting over the course of a week and fully classified, but the Coronavirus has changed everything and we will go out with this first prayer to the public.

This prayer is the call of Mother Earth. Medicine Rapé it is fully connected with our Mother, with our ancient forest, and so we would like to share this work here, among you.

As you know, we have been working with Rapé for 9 years now, which is a message in itself, and also through our work in many different medical circles we are invited to all these prayers and global works with the intention of raising consciousness and collective spirit.
Join us.

Originally a physical meeting in a closed circle was also supposed to be attended by several elders from all corners of the Amazon, but due to the coronavirus and the inability of Indians to connect to the Internet from the forest, they are not in this broadcast.

The decision to broadcast this prayer online was made 4 days before it took place, so it was very difficult for all of us organizationally, and that is why we apologize for a slight technical glitch at the beginning of the video. We are preparing our next joint meeting of elders, which will again be online and publicly accessible. If you wish to stay with this prayer and message, join in. You can follow the alerts on our FB page Saravá Rapé or we will also send out a mailing with a link to join the prayer.

When we all gather around the fire in a few months to pray, we hope that the Brazilian elders will stand in the circle with us.

Please share to get to everyone 🙂

Lucie & Štěpán

Recording of the live broadcast of Our Mother Earth Delegation.

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