Ninawa "Pai da Mata" about Huni Kuin tribe - Sarava

Ninawa “Pai da Mata” about Huni Kuin tribe

The situation in Brazil touches us deeply because of the unfortunate political situation surrounding the emerging dictatorship of the newly elected President Jair Bolsonar. Since we have been traveling every year not only for medicine to Brazil for several years, we have the opportunity to follow the events and mood in this beautiful country. Unfortunately, our last visit was marked by the current situation, which is truly alarming.

As a result of governmental government attitudes, the suppression of minority rights, especially indigenous peoples, is largely under control in Brazil, and claims are being made for areas inhabited by Indians to extract mineral resources is in the Amazon. For us, this situation is not just about Brazil, but it is a global problem that affects us all. That is why we have decided to participate in the awareness of this issue, the ongoing genocide, so that as many people as possible can learn about what is happening in Brazil and take a position on the situation, express their position and possibly contribute to changing the understanding of what it means and

We bring you a video with Ninawa “Pai da Mata” (father of the forest), his own name Francisco de Assis Mateus de Lima. Ninawa is a great shaman of the Huni Kuin people and a spiritual leader in the village of Novo Futuro on the Humanita River in Acre, Brazil. The village is four days away from the nearest town of Tarauacá. We asked Ninawa to tell us a few words about the life of his tribe.