NorbiPan, our dear friend, an amazing musician and percussionist who many of you may know from the Freedom Café project, wrote about his journey to these beautiful instruments:

The original plan was a short visit to Bali, but this blessed forced rest was perfectly in line with the needs of the moment, as after our previous 2 months of adventures in Asia the need to make a suitable Medicine Drum arose. One that can be easily used in all situations, regardless of weather and humidity. In addition, I wanted it to be ultra-light and easy to carry, yet have a really powerful and empowering sound, and to create the perfect portable case for it that would make the instrument resistant to the physical stresses of constant travel and movement between events, gigs and scenery.

The "vision" was quite clear and to bring it into form I got a huge help from a group of Balinese artists/magicians in a small musical instrument manufactory. With their help and hard work, many hours of experimentation and building countless prototypes over a period of months, we got to the point where I could say: Yes, this is what I was looking for.

It was only a step away from realizing that the instrument we had almost perfectly crafted for me and my needs could not only serve my journey, but bring a lot of joy, passion and inspiration to many other people's lives as well.

Each drum is made by hand, from natural material, unique and unrepeatable. The lightweight design and compact size, delivers the perfect compromise between powerful, clear sound and easy portability. The drum is made of goatskin and tropical wood and manufactured in Bali.

We supply the drum in a professionally designed protective shoulder bag that can be slung over the body, ensuring the drum stays intact for long periods of time, even when you're travelling, packing and moving around a lot.

Each drum has a built-in valve and comes with a tuning pump that tunes the perfect tension in seconds, making it a faithful companion even on damp and chilly evenings.

In designing them, we strived for simplicity, not to give a finished story, but rather a perfect blank canvas for whoever feels like it to further shape and decorate to their own taste.

What does this particular drum sound like?

Listen to its sound on the video, its tuning can be adjusted with the included pump.