Yawanawá Putani

Rapé Yawanawa – Força Feminina (female power) is a mixture of the sacred Mapacho and the ashes of the Tsunu tree. This unique blend is prepared by the wife of Chief Yawanawa Biraci – Putani, who is the first woman to be initiated as a shaman in the Yawanawa tradition. Putani makes this Rapé by singing sacred medical songs.

Made by Natives in the week of 8. – 14. October 2021

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Força Feminina is Rapé prepared by a wife of the Yawanawa’s chief Biraci – Putani. Prior to the connection of the Yawanawá tribe with their own roots, the medicine work was exclusively domain of men. Putani, the wife of the chief Biraci, is the first woman who brought her spirituality to other women. She and her sister were the first to undergo a yearlong initiation diet to be able to work with the medicine and prepare the  sacred Rapé. In doing so, they opened a door and paved the path for female spirituality.

Rapé Yawanawá Putani has a unique character given to it by the women’s hands. The powder is light and of a fine consistency.  Its effect is softer and suitable for more subtle energetic work and tuning/aligning.

This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is supplied without any implied or assumed suitability for a specific purpose. It is a raw botanic sample or a scientific sample. Information provided is only for historic, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. Use of this product is based on a decision, responsibility and risk of an individual customer. You can find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

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