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Rapé set – our favs

We have prepared a rapé set so that you can try our three most favourite blends and find out for yourself which one of them resonates the most with you. Once you get to know the power of rapé and different types of impact this sacred medicine has, you will also recognise energy changes of individual sacred herbs. Then, depending on your attunement, you will be able to combine different rapé types and mix them. This set can help you to do this.

It contains 3 Huni Kuin blends:
Huni Kuin Cumaru,
Huni Kuin Mulateiro
and Huni Kuin Murici


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We offer you a selection of our currently most popular types of Rapé!

5 g – Huni Kuin Cumaru
It is very strong and grounding, its main component is the hardwood ash of the Cumaru tree, which is one of the highest towering over the other treetops. The Indians perceive the Cumaru tree and its spirit (spirit) as one of the main teachers of the jungle. The Indians medically call this Rapé “Black Rapé” because, according to their tradition, it can protect against low energies and spirits.

5 g – Huni Kuin Mulateiro
Huni Kuin Mulaterio surpasses most other Rapes in its strength and intensity. The very fine powder has a light gray appearance. The initial strong surge of energy tends to “expand” into space and gradually leads to a feeling of calm and balance.

5 g – Huni Kuin Murici
Murici Rapé Indians call a Rapé warrior. And this name is chosen correctly because Muruci is really very strong and often used in Amazon folk medicine. The Indians crush this Rapé with great care to make the powder as fine as possible. As a result, we get quality medicine from Mapachos sacred tobacco and the ashes of the Murici tree bark. This combination can exert a great deal of strength in our physical and energetic body.

This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is supplied without any implied or assumed suitability for a specific purpose. It is a raw botanic sample or a scientific sample. Information provided is only for historic, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. Use of this product is based on a decision, responsibility and risk of an individual customer. You can find more information in our Terms and Conditions.

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