Huni Kuin Samaumá

Rapé Samaumá surprised us with the strength. A strong impact of its energy permeates the whole body and can also bring cleansing. It serves as a harmonizing means for thoughts, feelings and emotions and is great for concentrating on intention during rituals. It connects our roots with the spiritual world. Samauma is a rapé that brings a very strong spiritual connection and protection.
The Indians perceive this tree as the “Mother of the Forest,” connecting heaven and earth.

Made by Natives in the week of 8. – 14. October 2021

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The Indians believe that Samauma has magical powers to protect other trees and the inhabitants of the rainforest. Indigenous traditions say that Samauma is the seat of spirits who live in the rainforest. It is also popularly known as the “Tree of Life” or the “Ladder of Heaven,” which creates a connection between heaven and earth.

Samauma has healing properties and is considered by the Indians to be a tree with magical power, protecting other trees and forest inhabitants. The Indians use the bark of this tree for its healing effects, especially headaches, diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery, inflammation of the skin, in addition, they are a great diuretic. The bark is also used as an ingredient in some versions of Ayahuasca.

Samaúma or Sumaúma (Ceiba pentranda) is a pantropically widespread species, its exact origin is uncertain. Probably native to tropical America, from Mexico to northern Brazil, it was also introduced to tropical Africa and Asia. The genus Ceiba includes about 17 species, most of which occur in tropical America. Tree native to the Amazon.

Its roots are called sapobemba. These roots are used in communication through the forest, which is done by striking these structures. Some specimens reach a height of 70 m, are among the largest trees in the world. This tree is able to transport water from the depths of the Amazon soil and bring it to huge heights not only for its own supply, but also for sharing with other species.

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