Pataxó necklace Protetor

Pataxó necklace of local tree and shrub seeds in the Pataxó community on the Atlantic coast of state Bahia. The necklace serves to protect the person who wears it, both during rituals and during everyday wear.

The necklace is 74 cm long.

Since the necklace is made of seeds, we recommended to keep it in a dry place.
We will send you the necklace wrapped in paper in a beautiful paper box.


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Pataxó Indians are still trying to keep their traditions. Every month on the full moon they hold rituals of Luacheia (full moon) where they all connecting with their country, where they are and with themselves. An important element of their culture is their handicrafts and especially jewelry made from the seeds of local trees and shrubs. They use them as protective aids in rituals and also by wearing them in every day life, they show respect for the spirits of their place where they live and connect with a great spirit.


Watch a video with Raoni where he talks about Pataxó Indians and Rapé Medicine.



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