Agua de Florida

The original Peruvian Agua de Florida by Murray and Lanman, created in the United States in 1808, is a powerful shamanic tool that is widely used by Amazon shamans. Agua de Florida is a great helper in rituals, or in everyday life as a tool for purifying and restoring the energy field.

Aqua de Florida can be ordered in a larger, 270 ml bottle or in a small 70 ml bottle that you can always have on your travels.

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Agua de Florida as a healing instrument is widely used in indigenous and shamanic ceremonies, especially in the Andes and Peruvian Amazon. Its wonderful healing power was discovered by shamans many of years ago and to this day it is well known and its use widespread in ayahuasca, são pedro, wicca and voodoo ceremonies. It is also widely used in everyday life for energetic cleaning, and therapies in general.

The Agua de Florida formula is kept secret, which may partly contribute to its fame. It combines a floral range of essential oils based on water and alcohol. These include tones such as amber, musk and benzoin. Citrus tones such as: bergamot, neroli, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, roses, orange flower and other plants. The aroma is refreshing, magical and engaging, helping to relax and radiate mind and spirit, as well as calming.

Aqua de Florida is Cologne’s spiritual service. It can be used for its cleansing properties, protection and ability to attract medicinal spirits.

This water is not intended for internal use or for application directly to the skin or for inhalation. It is not a cosmetic, perfume or room perfume.

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