Yawanawa Bracelet – Runuwa mapu rave

Runuwa Mapu rave ceremonial bracelet – Snake’s head meeting another

For the Yawanawa tribe, the snake is a symbol of transformation. When a snake takes off its skin, it creates space for new skin to have a place to grow. Similarly, the transformation of us humans is usually associated with surrendering something old and creating space for new ones.
The spirit of the serpent signifies strength and accompanies the medical path and reminds us of the connection with Yahé medicine in the form of light and love (luz paz y amor).

Bracelet size: 8.5 x 8.5 cm


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The Yawanawa bracelet was made by Samanda, the granddaughter of Chief Yawanawa. They were created with the intention of protecting and strengthening the inner strength of the wearer. Their creation is a conscious process, accompanied by prayers. The Indians wear these jewels on their hands and feet, even in the form of headbands, and use them to vibrate their own inner and outer space.

Bracelets made by traditional tribes carry deep symbolism. Each symbol represents ancient wisdom, which is amplified by the prayers that accompany the process of production. The Natives insert the visions they received in connection with the forest medicine into the bracelets, so these objects then resemble individual insights and help maintain the energy that the vision carried.

The Natives produce these objects in virtually every spare moment, because they create something material that has some energy value in itself, its own soul. Such objects carry a high vibration and have the ability to gently vibrate the person who carries them and the space in which they are located.

These items – whether bracelets or other jewelry, are not fashion accessories. Each of them carries some energy, its essence means something (even that you choose it) and we can symbolically mention that they have their own soul. That is why it is necessary to take proper care of them and continuously create a relationship. We recommend their regular cleaning (eg in the sun) and charging (eg on the altar).

The bracelets were purchased to support the Natives, and therefore almost the entire amount is returned to them. We can guarantee the “purity” of their path to us. Our intention is to support the Natives, because we feel a deep gratitude for the wisdom they have preserved and now share it with us (the Western world).

How to “put on” a bracelet?

We have recorded instructions for you on how to put such a bracelet on your hand. The bracelet should wrap the arm well so that it does not move on it. Video is Czech language only, but we think its clear even without words ..

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