Kuripe Nuim Osso - Floresta verde


Kuripe NUIM is made in the small village of Txana Ury, in the Acré region, by our friend Nuim Huni Kuin. Nuim made this kuripe especially for us and all the money was used to support his village. The kuripe is made from jaguar bone and decorated with fimo paste with symbols of leaves from the rainforest, in which a clear glass stone is set.

We send the blower including the bag that Lucie handmade for you, because we believe that medicine and medicinal tools deserve good care and protection.

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We import these instruments from so far away because we want to support the Brazilian people to benefit financially as well through creating and sharing with the world of medicine rapé. The Kuripe blower is made in Brazil by our friend Nui Huni Kuin, who lives in the small village of Txana Ury, in the Acré region.

The blowpipes are made of animal bone, joined with fimo and decorated in various ways.
Lucie, takes the trouble to hand sew a bag for each blower, made of organic cotton.
We believe in taking good and respectful care of every medical instrument, which is why your blowpipes are packaged in these pouches.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 3 cm


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