7 Ervas – Incense Incaaromas

Incense sticks 7 Ervas – 7 Herbs are made from carefully selected “7 herbs”, this incense creates a delicate, smooth and very pleasant presence. Their feminine energy cleanses, improves and harmonizes the environment so that we can feel good, calm and at home. Their maternal quality of life and the sea renews, purifies and rebirth.

The production of the 7-herb incinerator has a long tradition in the production of incinerators, which we bring to you through the form of hand-made Incaaromas incense sticks.

Composition: Charcoal, Breuzinho, Myrrh, Frankincense, Arruda, Estoraque, Benjoim, Cabreúva and Coarse Salt

The package contains 9 incense sticks.
The length of the stick is approximately 14 cm.
Rod diameter approximately 6 mm.
The burning time of the stick is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.


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We bring you the scent of INCA aromas, which comes from Brazil.
These incense sticks are 100% natural and produced in the Amazon. Each stick is created in the hands of Brazilians.
Families living in the Amazon supply Inca aromas with all the necessary natural products from the forest.
As a result, the Inca aromas can create sticks from the fruits and gifts of forest trees, and in addition, these Amazon families are financially supported, thanks to the Fair Trade concept that Inca aromas applies. Inca aromas are based on ancient healing practices from around the world, sticks are made from essential oils obtained from freshly harvested plants and natural materials. These pure ingredients are paired with breuzinho incense, rock salt, and charcoal to create unexpected and totally unique scents. Ideal for working in a ceremonial frame or for shining and lifting up energy in the home.

In Brazil, these sticks are widely used in medicine ceremonies. Thanks to them we work with them in our everyday life or in ceremonies. We bring them here to the Sarava e-shop, because we believe in the cleansing power of Amazonian herbs, rainforest trees and fumigators in our work with Rapé medicine.

To ignite a stick, it is important to hold a strong flame or hold it over a candle for a long time for strong glow.
When using these incense sticks we recommend to smolder only a few minutes and then dip the hot part, for example, in sand or something else that interrupts its smoldering.
The incense smoke from the stick is really strong and dense, so one stick is for several uses.
We recommend not to break the glowing end.

Inca aromas has been bringing fragrance to the Brazilian streets for 20 years.

9 incense sticks in package
Bar length approx. 14 cm
Bar diameter approx. 6 mm
100% natural ingredients
Burning time approximately 1h 50 minutes

Place in a fireproof container in a well-ventilated place. Use indoors and outdoors.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 15 × 5.5 × 1.2 cm


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