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Kuripe Serpent Song

This kuripé from the Czech forests is made of elderberry wood, which has naturally died and dried out. It is produced only manually, its creator only needs small hand-cutters, knives, a saw and sandpaper, and especially with his hands.
After the creator breathes a second life into the wood, his partner Eliška comes with his magic brush, who decorated the wood with their grace and feeling. Thus, this kuripe dresses in beautiful colorful paintings, in which inspiration comes through the capture of details of our and distant worlds.

We send each kuripe in a bag that Lucie made by hand for you, because the sacred instruments associated with Rapé medicine have a protective packaging.

HAUX HAUX Czech Forests.


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This Kuripé was created under the hands of Radek and Eliška, who live near forests. When Radek finds naturally dead and dry elderwood, rosehip, sumac or hawthorn during long walks. All parts of the production process that Radek goes through together with the woody plants are manual and non-machine – only small hand-cutters, a knife, a saw and sandpaper.
The final treatment is pure quality oils – camellia oil from tea tree plants, as Radek is a tea lover. Another home-made oil used is flare-thistle oil, which darkens even light elderwood beautifully and allows you to stand out from the natural drawing and character of the wood. Sometimes the wood is also treated with a colorless varnish of high quality and health safety.
After the creator breathes a second life into the wood, his partner Eliška comes with his magic brush, who adorned the wood with their grace and feeling, and so this kuripé dresses in beautiful colors and colorful details.

A few words from the Creator:
The visuality of the final product is largely determined by what each piece of wood allows, I just follow the lines of the wood, I establish the shape that is needed for that application and the functionality of Tepi and kuripé, but the basic grown shape is preserved. Whether it is various branches or natural drawings caused by the action of various organisms – fungi. Therefore, each creation is different and is the result of the originality of the environment, where like a seed it fell into the soil, germinated and rooted, grew, lived its dream, perished, and then called me… and still lives its dream. His journey continues. And so the outer or inner diameters of the resulting pieces differ, each individual grew as the environment allowed, I can’t change that. And what is given to me, I work with it and watch where it is still possible to take it away and where not. Everything in itself dreams of its dream and we only perceive its power and arrange for that dream to come true. We have excellent tools for this – dexterous human hands. In addition to the kuripe and tepi presented here, I also make several times larger blowers for another purpose, namely a musical – didgeridoo – an Australian musical instrument of Aborigines, the original inhabitants of the local continent, also only from dead trees. and they will pass on the contact to me. 🙂


Radek and Eliška

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