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What is Rapé? Antonio Ikamuru – Huni Kuin Pajé

We were pleased to welcome Huni Kuin Pajé – Antonio Sabino Sales Kaxinawa – Ikamuru (62) along with his son Gilmar (33) and English speaking guide Rodrigo. On their journey through Europe, they stopped at different places where they shared their traditional healing work among people.

We asked Antonio Ikamuru to tell us a few words about Rapé. How the Huni Kuin works with this medicine, how it is produced and what it takes to make it. We recorded the whole interview so we could share it with you, because we love Rapé very much and we have been working with it for 8 years. Rapé has become part of our lives and our work with medicine. We believe that this interview will bring you further insight into working with this beautiful Amazonian medicine, and will also contribute to raising the culture around this medicine in our country.

At the end of the video you can see application of Rapé ????

Stepan & Lucie

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