1=1 We recycle Rapé glass bottles - Sarava
1=1 Aneb recyklujeme skleněné lahvičky od Rapé

1=1 We recycle Rapé glass bottles

Dear friends,
Since our environment is at our heart and there is more than enough plastic everywhere, we have decided to pour Rapé exclusively into glass bottles. We would be very happy to have the bottles returned to the market. We want to ask you to send the bottles back to us. We clean the bottles and prepare for the next journey to you.

For each glass bottle you get 1% discount on your next purchase, which you can redeem by entering a discount coupon on the order page.

The maximum discount per purchase or coupon is 30%, discounts cannot be combined.


How to do it?

Place the vials in the envelope. Mark each shipment with your name and email. We will send you a discount code with a discount based on the number of bottles you have sent to us. You can send us the consignments through Česká pošta, through the Zásilkovna, or you can leave them in the restaurant Ananta.

Zásilkovna – dispensing point

Tomovy hry
Arbesovo náměstí 781/14
150 00 Praha 5

addressee: Sarava
email: [email protected]
phone: +420603457732

Česká Pošta

Štěpán Bako
Elišky Peškové 12
150 00 Praha 5

Restaurant Ananta

Elišky Peškové 6
150 00 Praha 5

Thank you for your trust and for possibility of sharing this sacred medicine with you.

Haux Haux Haux
Štěpán & Lucie

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